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Outdoorsman Auction
Trappers, Fishermen and Hunters Welcome


Selling for Charlie Cyphert Estate, Clarion, PA

302 6th St, Port Royal, PA - Juniata County Fairgrounds in the Commercial Building – midway between State College and Harrisburg, just off the Route 75 Exit of Route 322.

For pictures go to auctionzip.com ID #1244

Guns – 10 AM - Saturday
Browning Model 81 .308 Winchester with Bushnell Elite 3200 3X9 scope; Hornady CZ455 Mach 2 .17 cal w/22” bull barrel; Winchester CZ455 .22 Mag, 20” barrel w/trigger shoe & Bushnell Elite 3200 7X21 scope; HMR CZ455 .17 cal w/20” bull barrel w/trigger shoe & Leupold 4X12 vari-X2 scope; Boyd’s Thumbhole CZ455 .22 w/21” barrel w/trigger shoe; Thompson Center Contender carbine w/24” bull barrel; Thompson Center Contender carbine .22 Winchester Mag w/18” barrel & Bushnell 3X9 scope; Thompson Center Contender carbine w/24” bull barrel & Tasco 6X24 scope, includes RCBS 24 30-30 single die, 8 rounds and 104 empty casings; Thompson Center Contender stainless carbine, 22” fluted heavy barrel, includes RCBS 223 Ackley Improved 3-die set w/shell holder, 32 rounds, and 64 empty casings; Thompson Center Contender stainless frame carbine rifle 7MM Super Bower w/7MM Super Bower die set,69 rounds and 84 empty casings; Thompson Center blued 24” heavy vent ribbed barrel .410 w/3” chamber; Browning stainless BLR takedown rifle 7MM Winchester short mag w/18” barrel and Leupold 3 ½ X 10 scope; Thompson Center Camo Encore 209X50 magnum muzzleloader w/fiber optic sight and Simmons 3X9 scope; Thompson Center 54 cal scout rifle w/24” barrel; Thompson Center 50 cal brass and blue Scout rifle w/24” barrel and Thompson Center Arms 3X9 scope; Thompson Center Firestorm 50 cal muzzleloader w/27” barrel; Mossberg 500 12 ga w/24” barrel and Tasco Turkey scope; Thompson Center full camo Encore Limbsaver 12 ga, 3”, 24” barrel w/full choke and Tasco Propoint scope; Thompson Center camo Encore 20 ga w/26” barrel w/Tasco red dot scope; Thompson Center Venture stainless 7MM-08, 22” barrel; Mossberg International 715T .22 long rifle w/3- 25 round magazines, 7 round magazine and 2 speed loaders; Remington Model 760 .308 Gamemaster w/22” barrel and Leupold 2 ½ X8 scope; Gamo Shadow Sport 177 cal pellet rifle w/Thompson Center 3X9 scope; Hand Guns: Thompson Center Encore stainless 45 Colt, 15” barrel, includes 60 rounds and hard case; Thompson Center Encore 209X50 Mag muzzleloader, 14” barrel w/Bushnell 2X6 pistol scope; Dan Wesson stainless .357 Super Mag, 8” barrel w/Bushnell Silver 3X6 scope, 2 extra 8” barrels, includes RCBS 3-die set and 35 rounds and hard case; Dan Wesson stainless .22, 10” barrel w/Bushnell 2X6 pistol scope w/original box and hard case; Dan Wesson blued .357 Super Mag, 8” barrel w/Bushnell 2X6 scope w/RCBS 3-die set & 70 empty casings and 90 bullets, hard case; Ruger 45 Super Blackhawk stainless Bisley Hunter (never fired), 7 ½” barrel w/Burris 2X7 Silver pistol scope & hard case; Thompson Center Super 14 blued w/Thompson Center 2 ½ X 7 scope w/Hornady 2-die set, 32 rounds, 42 empty casings and hard case; Dan Wesson .44 mag stainless Pistol Pack w/8” vent rib ported barrel, 6” vent rib barrel, 4” vent rib barrel w/patch and belt buckle, original box and hard case; Bond Arms 2 ½” barrel .357 Mag/38 Special; Bond Arms 3” Defender barrel .22 long rifle; Bond Arms Derringer Ranger 2, 3” 44-40 cal w/34 rounds of 44-40 WCF and hard case; Bond Arms Snake Slayer 4 w/holster, 4 ¼” barrel, .45 Colt/3” .410 w/hard case; Thompson Center Contender Super 14 bull barrel 17 HMR custom laminated grip w/Bushnell 2X6 scope & soft case; Thompson Center Contender stainless, 12” bull barrel, .22 long rifle match w/Bushnell 2X6 scope, soft case; Ruger New Model Single 6 stainless .22/.22 Mag long rifle w/Bushnell 2X6 scope, soft case and hard case, original box w/30-30 & 30 Ackley 4-die set; Thompson Center Contender 14” Bullbberry Custom 32/40 Winchester w/Thompson Center 2 ½ X 7 scope w/RCBS 32-40 die set, 35 rounds, 36 new empty casings and 370 other empty casings, hard case; Ruger SS New Model Single 6, 17 HMR, 7 ½” barrel w/Bushnell 2X6 scope, hard case; Ruger New Model stainless Blackhawk .44 Mag, 7 ½” barrel w/Bushnell 2X6 scope, original box, 3 cases; Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk 41 Mag, 7 ½” barrel w/2X6 Bushnell scope, original box, soft case; Thompson Center Contender blued Super 14 bull barrel custom .22 Winchester Mag w/Bushnell 2 ½ X 6 scope; Thompson Center stainless 12” barrel .44 Rem Mag w/Bushnell 2X6 scope, 22 rounds; Thompson Center Contender blued 14” bull barrel 17 Mach II w/Thompson Center 2 ½ X 7 scope; Thompson Center Contender SS 12” bull barrel .45 Colt w/Bushnell 2X6 scope, 10 rounds; Thompson Center Contender Super 14 Custom OTT chambered 30-30 w/Burris 2X7 scope, 41 rounds and 88 empty casings; Thompson Center Contender w/Custom SSK .250 Savage 14” barrel w/Burris 3X12 scope, RCBS full length 2-die set, 63 rounds; Thompson Center Contender blued Custom OTT 14” barrel 38-40 Winchester w/Bushnell 2X6 scope, RCBS 30-40 Winchester 3-die set, 50 rounds, 16 empty casings; Thompson Center Contender Custom 14” barrel w/muzzle brake, Thompson Center 2 ½ X 7 scope, die set, 64 rounds and 43 empty casings; H&R 999 Double Action Top Brake Open .22 cal 6” barrel Sportsman, original box and leather holster; Kahr CW45 w/6-round and 7-round magazines, nylon holster, hard case; Dan Wesson .357 Mag w/6” and 4” barrels, hard case; Dan Wesson stainless steel .357 Mag, 8” barrel w/hard case; Dan Wesson stainless steel .357 Mag w/8” barrel, Burris 2X7 pistol scope; Dan Wesson matte blued 8” stainless barrel .357 Maximum Super Mag w/Bushnell 2X6 scope, extra 8” barrel, barrel wrenches, gauge and nut, 3-die set , 266 empty casings, hard case; Bond Arms 2 ½” stainless steel barrel .357/38 Special, new, never fired; Bond Arms stainless steel Snake Slyer IV 4 ¼” barrel .45 Colt/3” .410; Ruger Old Army stainless steel black powder w/shoulder holster, complete range box; Thompson Contender Super 14 7MM T-CU bull barrel w/Burris 2X7 scope; Thompson Center Contender 14” MGM .357 Maximum Decagon barrel w/Burris 2X7 scope, 31 rounds; Thompson Center Contender stainless 14” custom heavy barrel SSK Industries 300 Savage w/Bushnell 2X6 scope, 105 empty casings; Thompson Center Contender stainless Custom 14” MGM Industries 6.5 MM T-CU w/Burris 3X12 scope, Hornady 6.5 die set, 160 empty casings; Thompson Center Super 14 stainless 7X30 Waters ported barrel, Leupold 2 ½ X 8 scope, RCBS die set, 18 rounds, 125 empty casings; Thompson Center Contender 12” stainless custom Gary Reeder Classic w/engraved elk, .356 GNR w/Bushnell 2X6 scope, 74 rounds, 109 empty casings; Thompson Center Contender, 14”, 25 BB w/Burris 3X9 scope, Redding die set, 22 rounds, 601 empty casings; Thompson Center Contender blued 14” Custom .309 JDJ w/Thompson Center 2 ½ X 7 scope, die sets, 50 rounds, 30 empty casings; Thompson Center 13” Custom Bullberry barrel w/Leupold 2 ½ X 8 scope, Redding die set, 42 rounds, 138 empty casings;

Gun Cabinets, Scopes, Hunting Supplies, Reloading Supplies and Traps
Gun Cabinets: Oak 10-gun illuminated gun cabinet w/2 glass doors and bottom storage ; 4-gun gun cabinet w/glass door, and drawer; 8-gun gun cabinet w/glass door, bottom storage; Scopes and Scope Supplies: Thompson Center ElectroDot 3 9X40 scope; 3- Nikon camo 9X40 scopes; Thompson Center silver 2 ½ X 7X28 pistol scope; 6- Bushnell 6X32 pistol scopes; Bushnell Red Dot Illusion scope; Tasco Accu-Dot scope; Aimpoint 1000 Red Dot scope; Bushnell 1X28 Trophy scope, NIB; 4- Burris 12X40 scopes; Burris 6 ½ 20 power scope; Leupold 2 ½ X8 pistol scope; 6- Leupold ViraX2 9X40 scopes; 4- Pacific 4X32 rifle scopes; Bushnell 60X60 spotting scope; Barska 15-40X, 50 MM spotting scope; lots of various scope rings, mounts, adapters, caps, sites, hanger bars, hammer extensions, Lyman’s electronic trigger pull gauge; screws, taps, drill bits; Reloading Equipment: Lee hand press; 2- Lee handheld auto prime w/15 shell holders; Lyman LE1000 electronic powder scale; Lyman Power Universal Trimmer; RCBS 5-9-5 scale; Lyman Dial Calipers; Lee Improved Powder Measure Chart; various RCBS bullet pullers and calipers; RCBS Rock Chucker reloading press; The Tumblers Tumbler #140 shell polisher; Sierra Rifle Reloading Manual; Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading; Hornady 9th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading; Speer #11 Reloading Manual; Nosler Reloading Manual #2; Hodgdon 26th Edition Data Manual; Complete Reloading Manual for the Thompson Center Contender; Sierra Bullets Reloading Manual for Pistols and Rifles; Sierra 2nd Edition Reloading Manual; Lyman Ideal Handbook #39; Lyman 47th Edition Reloading Handbook; Lyman 45th Edition Reloading Manual for Rifle, Pistol and Muzzleloading; Lyman 44th Edition Reloading Handbook for Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun Shell and Muzzleloading (1967); NRA Hunter’s Safety Handbook (1957); various Lee, Lyman and RCBS bullet molds; bullet ladle; Cabela’s Model 40 Vibratory Case Tumbler; gun-cleaning rods; Uncle Bud’s bull bag; targets; trail markers; Dies: 25/35 Ackley Improved Custom Die CH Tool & Die; 35 Remington die set; Hornady 270 neck sizer; Hornady 7MM short neck sizer; RCBS full die set; RCBS 3-die carbide set; Hornady titanium nitride 44 special/44 mag 3-die set; RCBS carbide 41 mag die; RCBS .223 Remington 2-die set; Lyman 444 Marlin 3-die set; Hornady Custom Grade .45 auto/AR/Winchester 3-die set; 44 special, 44 mag 4-die set; .357 mag 3-die set; RCBS 40 S&W 3-die carbide set; RCBS .308 Winchester 2-die set; RCBS .300 Savage die set; RCBS .223 Remington die set; Edding 7MM-08 die set; RCBS 7X30 Waters die set; RCBS .250 Savage die set; RCBS 38/55 Winchester die set; RCBS .44-.40 Winchester Centerfire die set; Hornady neck sizers; RCBS bullet puller; crimp dies, various die parts; RCBS stuck case remover; Powders: Hodgdon includes H322, H4895, H110, H4198, Varget, Lil’ Gun; IMR includes 4198, 3031, 4350, 4895, 4227 and 4064; Accurate Double-Base Smokeless Propellant No. 9; Accurate Magpro Double-Base Smokeless Propellant; Accurate #2230 Double-Base Smokeless Propellant; Alliant 2400 powder; Winchester 748 ball powder Smokeless Propellant; Black Horn Muzzleloader 209 powder; Triple Seven Muzzleloader Propellant; Rounds, Loads, Bullets and More: 13,500+ rounds, 139 game loads, 12,700+ bullets, 30 sabots, 10,600 primers, 13,470 empty casings, 104 empty round cases; several Bipods, misc bore brushes, ammo holders, straps, silicone socks, cleaning kits and rods, manuals and much more. Traps and Accessories: 1,342 various sizes of traps; 24 snares; 275 small drags; 53 hooks; 155 stakes; 100 small metal stretchers; 15 medium metal stretchers; 47 large metal stretchers; 6 extra large metal stretchers; 1- 3’ll” wooden stretcher; 10 4’ wooden stretchers; 4- 4’2 ½” wooden stretchers; 4’ 5 ¼” wooden stretcher; 5’ wooden stretcher; over 4,000 miscellaneous trapping parts for building and repair.

Boat Motor, Fishing Equipment and Supplies
2005 Yamaha 9.9 Four-Stroke boat motor, exc cond; several boxes of boat parts; Ice Fishing Gear: Strikemaster Mag 2000 3 H P motor w/8” hole auger and 10” hole auger; 8’X3’ 2-man folding hut; 20- ice fishing poles w/reels, other ice fishing poles; 2- sleds, 1- 36”X22” and 1- 36”X25”; 6- sitting buckets; 4- dippers; 10- ice fishing rod holders, various sizes; pail pouch; several plastic and cloth tackle cases; 2- pr cleats; box of misc ice-fishing accessories including boot spikes, bobbers, micro slick jigs, trout magnets, rattle reel (many of these items new); Fair Weather Fishing Gear: 46 boxes of fishing gear including bait, fillet knives, lures, hooks, Reel Magic, #10, #12, #17 fishing line, Power Bait, fluorescent Fish-N-Lites, jigs, rope, wire, sinkers, hooks, 1 box filled with various new fishing line, new and used reels and reel parts, boots and waders, bait canteens, Magic Worm Food, over 1000 lures in various boxes and cases, spinners, several tackle boxes, sinker and jighead molds air pumps, glow sticks, and much more packed in the boxes (being sold by the box lot); Cummings Quality Landing net w/telescoping handle, never used;

Shop Equipment and Tools
Coleman Powermate 400 watt inverter; Westinghouse 1725 RPM ¼ HP furnace blower motor; power converter for a 12-Volt alternator, new; 12-Volt power inverter; buffer in carrying case; Black & Decker grinders; 7 ¼” circular saw; belt sander; Craftsman portable dual buffing wheel; portable grinder on stand; Mr. Heater w/propane tank and stand, new; Coleman lantern w/extra base; boxes of various nails, screws, washers, fixtures, pipe fittings, etc; portable propane stainless steel grill; Kennal Industries portable grill w/lava rock;

Pickup Truck, Harley Davidson Motorcycle, Motorcycle Lifts, Fishing Boats – 12:00 noon - Saturday
2005 GMC Sierra SLE Z71 extended-cab off-road 4WD pick-up truck, power windows, power mirrors, AC, tilt wheel, cruise, power driver’s seat, hitch, cap on bed, nice 71,910 miles; 2011 Harley Davidson Touring Road Glide one-owner motorcycle, root beer in color, 103 cu in, 17,264 orig. miles; Larin ATVJ-2 1500 lb motorcycle ATV jack; Pittsburgh 1000 lb capacity motorcycle lift; 2008 Lowe Boats 1648MT 15’10” 4-person flat bottom boat w/2009 Karavan trailer and 3 motors; 1985 Fisher-FMC aluminum flat bottom 16’ boat w/Evinrude 30HP gas motor, 2- batteries, 2-fish finders w/1985 Highlander trailer.

Auctioneer’s Note: Starting the auction on Friday afternoon at 3:00 with boxes of small items including new fishing gear, lures and more, new traps and trapping supplies, new ammunition supplies and reloading equipment, dies, powders, rounds, bullets – continuing Saturday morning with the same – guns at 10 AM Saturday – GMC pickup truck, boats, Harley and other large items selling at 12 noon Saturday. Don’t miss this absolute auction of the estate of Charlie Cyphert, a many year employee of Clarion University, a member of H.O.G., a great outdoorsman since childhood, with thousands of items to sell! Lots of parking – lots of food – plan to attend both days.

Charlie is sadly missed by family and friends, cancer knows no boundaries.

Terms: Cash or good check. No buyer’s premium.


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